What Is It?


The FOG Tank is a thermostatically controlled soak tank that cleans your kitchenware of Fats, Oils, Grease, and Carbon buildup. The FOG Tank is fully insulated and the water can be reused for one month, saving you on water and electricity costs. 

The FOG Tank Can save a Single Restaurant Location over $3,000 Per Year in Energy Costs.

The FOG Tank uses up to 60% less space than a compartment sink and fits under the counter. It is modeled to fit all size kitchens and budgets.

Our magical Tiger Powder is non-caustic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and fully biodegradable.

Lower Energy Bills 

Space Saving 

Effortless Cleaning 


The Effortless Soak Tank for Your Kitchen.

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Less Water Usage 

You can save over 340,000 Gallons of water per year using the FOG Tank.

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FOG Tank Specializes in Hood filters

Hood filters are one of the most important appliances to clean regularly but not enough in many establishments. If the hood filter is not cleaned well, it can very well start a kitchen fire and even burn down the entire restaurant.  FOG Tank makes it so that you can clean them by simply putting them in, and they will come out clean and ready to use 

Using the FOG Tank vs. a normal sink
How Often Should I Clean it?

Satisfied Customers

“I am amazed at how well the FOG tank deep cleans my hood filters. With just a two-hour soak the tank removes all the fats, oils and grease from inside the baffles and they are sparkling clean. My filters are more efficient and I am saving lots of money on chemicals, labor and hot water”

                    Craig Worrall, Managing Partner, Texas Roadhouse – The Colony, TX

"I have NEVER seen anything that cleans like the Fog Tank.  When I saw it at the KFC Convention in San Antonio and heard how it operated I bought two of them even though I had no idea how I would pay for them. I was not disappointed.

You put the equipment with built-up baked on grease in the tank and leave it until you can scrape it off.  I put some amber pans with years of build-up in there over the weekend and scraped off the baked on grease and they looked like new."

                   Wiley Dean, KFC Franchisee for 39 Years

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